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About Us

Bent Tree Construction Services President Ron Foreman began his time in the carpentry field as a teenager working for his parents at The Smith Dodson Lumber Company. As time went on and he made his way from the yard to the sales department he began to envision himself doing more than just selling lumber. Ron wanted to see the results of the lumber he sold as well. Out of that vision Bent Tree Construction Services was born.

Bent Tree's staff of skilled carpenters take great pride in the work that they do. Led by the project management staff and Ron himself, Bent Tree's carpenters work side by side with our clients to provide the best possible product in the shortest possible time. They are committed to providing you, the client, with a great product and an experience that keeps you coming back.

Ronald Foreman


Phone: 614 491-5223


Our Team


Field SupervIsor- Mike Prueter

Estimator- Shane Polling

Administrative Assistant- Shelby Brumfield 

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